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The Alphabet את App

Anyone can learn the Alef-Bet!

The Hebrew language is unique among all languages in that the very letters that make up the words are alive with meaning. Each of the 22 letters has (1) a picture, (2) a meaning and (3) a numerical value.

Transforming the Hebrew Bible into a book written in three languages — a kind of secret code that is hidden in plain sight.

Learn the 22 letter Hebrew Alphabet and you will get access to amazing revelations. Each of the 22 letter hieroglyphs (pictures) combine together to reveal a story for every word — making memorising biblical words natural, meaningful and effortless.

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, no case and five of the letters have a different written form if it’s the final letter at the end of a word. 

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Anyone can learn the 22 letters of the Alef-Bet!


First Word From The Bible

in beginning

Reading from right to left.


Check out the first word from the Bible (two in English).

The first two words in the bible “in beginning” is made out of six letters. The letters from right to left are "Bet, Resh, Alef, Shin, Yud and Tav”. Now if you draw and apply the Proto-Sinaitic pictures and apply their meaning we get an amazing Gospel / Passover message in that the firstborn Son (Bar in Aramaic) was crucified before the creation of the earth (1 Peter 1:20).

Hebrew is an amazing three dimensional language where ancient wisdom is revealed to the simple who may only know the Hebrew Alef-Bet.

The letters of the Alef-Bet is the children’s bread pointing to Messiah!

History Of The Hebrew Alphabet

The Phoenician alphabet is the oldest verified alphabet. It was derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs back in 1050BC.

The Paleo-Hebrew alphabet is a local variant of the Phoenician alphabet and is the early form or root of the Hebrew and wisdom of the ancients.

In fact when Joseph was sold to Egypt in Genesis 39 we read Joseph was made an overseer over Potipher’s house (the chief executioner). Joseph prospered and Potiphar put all that he had into Joseph's hands for the blessing of the LORD was upon the whole house. A small part of Joseph’s blessing was that Joseph, the Hebrew, had no trouble reading the Egyption writing as there were many similarities.

If you learn the Ancient Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet with all its pictures and meanings, you will be able to get a feel for any word, as the hieroglyphic pictures of the letters form a story; making memorising biblical words natural and effortless.

Is there a faster way to learn another language?

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Introduction To The (את) Alphabet 

Hebrew Made Simple

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The Hebraic System Of Interpreting Scripture - PaRDeS

The system of Hebraic understanding used by all Hebrew prophets and scholars was and remains a system that goes by the acronym of PaRDeS.

PaRDeS stands for Pashat/Literal primary meaning, Remez/Hints in the text of something deeper, Drash/The added understanding that can only be gleaned by a story, riddle, or parable and the deepest level Sod/Secrets and mysteries, which are mysterious underlying secrets revealed in the text, which can and often do require many hours, weeks, months and in some cases even years to receive, through the diligent study and meditation in YHWH’s Word.

Get The Alphabet את App and learn on the go!